Affordable Housing is now being taken seriously throughout the country. We believe it's everyones right to have a place called "home" and that many solutions to make this belief into a reality already exists through the fascinating world of preFABulous tiny homes.

While 'affordable housing' is on the forefront of change, make this your family's season to reap what you have sown in years or decades of overpriced housing expenses.

Let us guide you to a path that will make 'affordable' a reality for you.  We have many affordable alternative options & resources.  Timing is everything.  Don't let this time pass you by...

About ReBuilding Green ...

Innovative Simple Solutions


Advocates for affordable housing for seniors, youth, veterans and families utilizing green preFABulous tiny cottages.

Legal Tiny Home Options


Pick your home, ADU, or healthcare/caregiver unit. You define what is 'tiny' to you. 

Tiny Home Communities


ReBuild after a disaster, create, or rebrand communities with the tiny home movement 

You DO have affordable options!


Healthcare unit or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

  • Would your property qualify for a Health Care Unit to keep a loved one close by verses the expensive alternatives?  
  • For Californians,  Senate Bill 1069 was created as the fastest and most economical solution to providing affordable housing by utilizing existing Single Family Residential property's.  Does your property qualify for a 2nd home? 

 This is your season to take advantage; don't miss out



How do manufactured homes compare to regular stick built homes? Cost?  Time to build?  Quality?  You will be surprised to learn that the low key secret to affordable housing is having your home built in the factory where homes are built to the same standards as units built onsite.  Product is currently being designed  to resist severe weather with green technology/material to also ensure that your unit will meet net-zero energy requirements.



The mind set of "BIGGER is better" was a myth!  While houses got bigger, families got smaller!  The price of one Southern California home equals approximately 10 cottage sized homes!  Tiny Communities/Pocket neighborhoods are a proven method from the past.  Bring community and quality of life back by going tiny!